Hayate no Gotaku S1 (old)

June 16th, 2009

2163I just recently downloaded an older series called Hayate no Gotoku (Hayate the Combat Butler) which is an interesting anime so far.

We just got done watching episode 4, and something rather amusing happened (at least for my husband :P). This show seems to be romantic comedy that parodies a LOT of different animes… but this episode brought out Kenshin (among other games/shows like Metal Gear Solid, Gundam, Pokemon, etc). The screenshot below parodies Saito’s stance and his catch phrase: Aku – Soku – Zan. ^^; I know nothing of this, but it tickled my husband since he was really into Kenshin. :P


All in all, this show isn’t one of the better animes I’ve seen, but it must be somewhat decent to have a 52 episode run (that’s a full year! @_@) + a second season currently showing, eh? :P I’m just watching through this to understand the second season, which is currently being broadcast. *shrug* It’s entertaining to say the least… just something light without any of my waterworks (aka crying) running. ^^;

EDIT: LOL!  Look, it’s Inuyasha vs. Sesshoumaru parody! XD