E7: Pocketful of Rainbows (old)

July 3rd, 2009

12896lEureka Seven: Pocket Full of Rainbows was a well made movie! Definitely one of BONES’ best.

The movie cannot be compared to the original series mainly because it takes place in a parallel universe. It was still good in its own right, however. The animation was clean and maintained the original feel. It would have been better if they had created a movie showing the after story of what occurred in the TV series, but oh well.



In this version, Renton and Eureka are childhood friends. Another interesting twist is that Dominic and Anemone are the same age as they are in the TV series (even though Renton and Eureka start out as young kids), and start out right away as a couple. Actually, Dominic is Renton and Eureka’s teacher.  Anemone is also sane and not all messed up. Another interesting fact is that Nirvash is a “fairy” and is all cute and chibi! He goes around saying “Mukyuu” or something like that, but there was a point where he said it aggressively and it sounded like he said “F*#@ you!” lol! XD Likewise, theEND is also chibi, but black.The word he says is something like “Hookyuu.”

The Gekkogo is pretty much the same, but Talho is kinda wussy in this one. Holland is as crazy as ever. Their story is slightly altered in that they were all used in some experiment led by Renton’s father (so was Dominic and Anemone) which failed and ended up increasing the rate in which they all age at a faster rate than normal humans. Renton’s grandfather and the 3 kids (Lance, Maeter and Linck) only had cameos in the show near the end, but their relation was never established. It did kinda weird me out that they killed off Stoner and Hap, though. Very strange how they threw that into the mix. :P

All in all, I would highly recommend watching this version of Eureka 7. It was a good watch, but make sure to make room for the 2-hour movie. :) Enjoy these random screenshots that I took. I purposely did not take any of the nekkid shots of !longhairEureka on purpose. :P Click the thumbnail for the full size. :)

e7movie1-2 e7movie2

Here’s the preview for the movie (you’ll get to hear Nirvash’s “myukyuu!” sound!):