Exercise and weight issues

July 6th, 2009

Since I’ve been trying to lose weight, it just seems like all I’m doing is gaining it! It’s really frustrating.

I’ve been working with my Wii Fit for several months now and it just either staggers around my current weight (goes up slightly, then goes back down, then back up, etc), but recently it’s just been going up again. A few days ago, I popped in my TaeBo DVD and attempted to workout with it (and it totally owned me) but after that, my weight seems to just go back up.

When I was talking to my neighbor about depression and weight gain, she just looked shocked and said she had the opposite problem — she losses weight when she becomes depressed! I wish I had that issue. But then she told me that no, I wouldn’t want that issue because she becomes super weak and without energy… but it’s the same with the opposite! When you gain all this extra flab, you get lethargic and lose energy too. I’d rather be tiny than overweight.

I’m really at a loss on what to do. I’m at my all-time heaviest and it’s really depressing. Becoming more and more depressed usually means I find myself eating more and more. It’s just an endless sick cycle of nothing. *sigh*