Restaurant City Food Quiz

July 14th, 2009

restaurant_city_smallHere is a list of most of the questions from the daily food quiz in the Facebook flash game called Restaurant City! ^^

First off, a huge thanks goes to this thread on the RC forums. The original poster doesn’t seem to be updating it anymore, but there have been a lot of nice additions by other forum posters. My list will all be in text only, sorry.


  • Use the “FIND” function of your browser.
  • The ANSWER will be BOLD.
  • NOT ALL QUESTIONS ARE LISTED! RC adds new quizzes from time to time.
  • Words with Special Characters ARE (in parenthesis) and ARE NOT included, so searching for the word is easier.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to double check the question associated with the food item since there are multiple questions that use the same food items! They are linked to (mostly) Wikipedia articles as a reference.

If you have a question that isn’t listed here, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know by leaving a comment, thanks! ^ _ ^


(In no particular order — last updated: 14 August 2009):

  1. In which restaurant would you typically find Calzone?
    • ITALIAN Spanish Polish
  2. What is a Calzone?
    • A TURNOVER MADE OF PIZZA DOUGH A Swedish casserole dish A rissoto with squid
  3. The Pizza originates from which country?
    • Germany America ITALY
  4. Venison is the meat from what animal?
    • DEER Cow Sheep
  5. Chicago-Style Pizzas are generally?
    • Thin Crust DEEP DISH Square
  6. New York-Style Pizzas are generally?
    • THIN CRUSTDeep DishSquare
  7. What is Hashi?
    • A Japanese Fruit An Oriental stir-fry dish CHOPSTICKS
  8. Chilli is a?
    • FRUIT Vegetable 80’s Pop Group
  9. Which of these Chillies is the Spiciest?
    • Red Savina Pepper Jalapeno Pepper NAGA JOLOKIA PEPPER
  10. Wasabi is made from a type of Japanese?
    • Cabbage HORSERADISH Pepperfruit
  11. Dulce de Leche is prepared by heating?
    • Yoghurt Chocolate Sauce SWEETENED MILK
  12. Kimchi is a Korean dish made of fermented?
    • Fish VEGETABLES Grain
  13. Dim Sum originated from which country?
    • India Japan CHINA
  14. Ratatouille is a?
    • Poultry Dish Seafood Dish VEGETARIAN DISH
  15. The main ingredient in Ratatouille is?
    • Potatoes TOMATOES Carrots
  16. The Rump is found where on the cow?
    • Front Mid BACK
  17. The Flank is found where on the cow?
    • Front MID Back
  18. The Chuck is found where on the cow?
  19. What part of the cow does Sirloin Steak come from?
    • Front MID Back (guessing at the other answers; no screen cap)
  20. To Garnish a dish means to?
    • ADD FINAL TOUCHES To mix ingredients together Immerse into cold water
  21. Granny Smith Apples are?
    • Yellow GREEN Red
  22. Natto (Nattō), a traditional Japanese food, is made from fermented?
    • Fish Cabbage SOYBEANS
  23. Grapes grow on?
    • VINES (no screen cap provided)
  24. Raisins are dried?
    • Dates Plums GRAPES
  25. Prunes are dried?
    • Dates Grapes PLUMS
  26. To Refresh A Vegetable, means to?
    • Immerse it into warm water To slightly steam IMMERSE IT INTO COLD WATER
  27. To Saute (Sauté) a dish, means to?
    • FRY QUICKLY IN HOT PAN Boil in hot water Add final touches
  28. What color is Rhubarb?
    • Green Purple RED
  29. What is Stracchino?
    • A FRESH CHEESE FROM ITALY A form of pasta Pickled Vegetable
  30. A Tomato is a?
    • Nut Vegetable FRUIT
  31. A Coconut is a?
    • Nut FRUIT Vegetable
  32. To Proof Dough means to?
    • Check if is the right consistency Knead in thoroughly ALLOW IT TO RISE
  33. To Blanch a vegetable, means to?
    • Slice it really thinly Fry it over low heat BOIL AND COOL OFF QUICKLY
  34. Lard is the fat obtained from which animal?
    • Cow Sheep PIG
  35. What color is Tuna meat?
    • White Yellow PINK
  36. The Tuna is a?
    • Freshwater Fish SALT WATER FISH 80’s Pop Group
  37. What is the main ingredient of Tofu?
    • Fish SOYBEANS Cabbage
  38. Which continent produces the most Cocoa?
    • South America AFRICA China
  39. What is Chocolate Bloom?
    • A type of sugar rush The flower on the cocoa tree COCOA FAT OR SUGAR
  40. What is Houmous made from?
    • Rice CHICK PEAS Corn
  41. Foie Gras is food made from which part of an animal?
    • Kidney Heart LIVER
  42. Which of these fruits were originally called Chinese Gooseberry?
    • KIWI FRUIT Mango Pomegranate
  43. In England, French Fries are called?
    • Crisps CHIPS French Fries
  44. In which restaurant would you typically find Tapas?
    • Italian SPANISH German
  45. Caviar is made from?
    • FISH EGGS Preserved Berries Pigs’ Liver
  46. A Crepe (Crêpe) is typically a?
    • Thin salty biscuit THINLY COOKED PANCAKE Thick creamy waffle
  47. In which restaurant would you typically find Sushi?
    • Chinese Korean JAPANESE
  48. Saffron is a?
    • SPICE Fruit Vegetable
  49. Which is the most expensive Spice in the world?
    • SAFFRON (no screen cap provided)
  50. Which of the following Spices, is the Most Expensive?
    • PURE VANILLA Oregano Cardamom
  51. Honey comes from?
    • BEES Wasps Dragonflies
  52. The main ingredient in Guacamole is?
    • Courgette Cucumber AVOCADO
  53. The main ingredients in Tzatziki are?
    • YOGHURT AND CUCUMBER Tomatoes and Onions Avocado and Peppers
  54. Naan bread is served with which kind of dish?
    • INDIAN (no screen cap provided)
  55. Calamari is fried?
    • Fish SQUID Shrimp
  56. In which restaurant would you typically find Tacos?
    • ?? MEXICAN ?? (no screen cap provided, but gave answer #)
  57. Agar is a gelatinous substance derived from what?
    • Animal Skin SEAWEED Sugar Cane
  58. Sauerkraut is made from?
    • Pickled Cucumber Chopped Tomatoes FERMENTED CABBAGE
  59. Ketchup is made from?
    • TOMATOES (no screen cap provided)
  60. Steak Tartare is a meat-dish made from raw?
    • Pork Chicken BEEF
  61. Bechamel Sauce (Béchamel) is also known as?
    • Red Sauce Yellow Sauce WHITE SAUCE
  62. Which sauce is typically used in the dish Eggs Benedict?
    • BBQ Sauce HOLLANDAISE SAUCE Soya Sauce
  63. Feta Cheese is traditionally made in which country?
    • GREECE Denmark Switzerland
  64. Which of the following is not found in basic Mayonnaise?
    • EggOilMILK
  65. Traditional Soy Sauce is?
    • Spicy Sour SALTY
  66. Which of the following is traditionally found in Pesto?
    • BASIL Coriander Oregano
  67. Which of the following herbs is found in Bearnaise Sauce (Béarnaise)?
    • TARRAGON ?? ?? (no screen cap provided)
  68. Kobe Beef originates from which country?
    1. France JAPAN England
  69. How many Gourmet Points do you get for a level 10 dish?
    • 2.8 3.0 3.2
  70. Which of these coffee based drinks does not contain milk?
    • ESPRESSO Mocha Latte
  71. Marzipan is made from?
    • ALMONDS (no screen cap provided)
  72. Are Truffles A:
    • FruitFUNGISeed
  73. Hors d’œuvre is a French word for?
    • APPETIZER – Main dish – Dessert
  74. Which of these is not a Noodle?
    • UdonSobaMISO