July 14th, 2009

I found some adorable TarePanda merchandise that I’d love to find! XD

Here and Here… TOO CUTE! I mean I wish I could find the cute stuff like that around here! D: I wish I could open up a TarePanda shop and sell TarePanda items! XD But that probably wouldn’t thrive. :( I mean there’s a really nice restaurant in South Africa (of all places o.O) that is named “TarePanda”… haha. :) Isn’t that cute? XD If I ever go to South Africa, I’d like to go there. <.< It looks pricey, though.

What’s there NOT to love about TarePanda, though? I wish I was a panda… and if I was, I’d be a tare panda (it means “lazy panda”)… but then again, what panda isn’t ‘tare’…? XD