Kingdom Hearts

July 16th, 2009

KingdomHeartsIICoverA bit late, but we just recently rented Kingdom Hearts for the PS2.

I’m not sure why we never played this game before. I mean it has all the makings of ‘awesome’ in it: Disney + Final Fantasy. :P

We just completed the Wonderland world, which was rather trippy. ^^; I think I read somewhere that the creator of Kingdom Hearts was smoking something or on some sort of drugs, and I guess I can see why. :P Other than the really annoying dark-darkness areas (can’t see!), this game is really neat and rather fun to play! For its time, it has really good graphics and interesting story plot. Donald keeps dying, though, which I find rather annoying. :P Too bad you’re stuck with him. I think it’s cute how they actually follow you around rather than have a single avatar running around on the worldmap like most games have. The voice acting so far has been rather impressive! I’m glad that they were able to get the original Disney character voice actors in to voice them rather than screwing that up. That would have sucked if they had messed those up. :( Too bad they didn’t get Robin Williams in as the Genie, though. ^^;  It looks like they used Disney’s voice talent crew rather than their (SquareSoft) own (who generally suck and need some major help!)

The one thing that bothers me about playing it is the camera. It gets me rather dizzy which causes nasty headaches, so I can’t play for long periods of time. It seems to be the case with many of the PS2 games for some reason. I couldn’t play most of them due to the way the camera jerks around on the screen. All the spinning to see what’s around you is really cool and a neat perspective for games, but it’s hard for me to focus on it and as noted, gives me a big headache. :( I seem to be a minority though since a lot of other people that I know who have played this before do not have the same problem. :\ Ah well.

It sounds like we have quite a ways to go… and there’s even a sequel to play, so I’ll probably be blogging more and more about it. ^^; There seems to be a lot of chests we can’t access even in the first area, and we might go and start reading the FAQs to help us get through it faster (being that it’s rented). :P By the looks of it, they’ve announced a Nintendo DS version of Kingdom Hearts called 358/2 Days… which sounds interesting! I’m surprised they’re going to put it on the DS rather than the Sony PSP. *shrug* Oh well.