Tarepanda and Chococat

July 21st, 2009

tarepanda-plushI found some items of my favorite Sanrio and San-X characters, and I’m just stuck deciding on what to chose! T_T

(Actually, Nyago’s still my favorite Sanrio character, but they retired him! T_T)

I found the CUTEST purses featuring Chococat that I am itching to buy… but I really shouldn’t. :( They are the cutest purses, though! This one reminds me of my onigiri handbag. Then there’s this one that is more classy with the pleather and not-so-standout-ish bag. ^^;  Then there’s this more simple bag that seems to really nice as well! Ahhhh~ so many choices! I don’t know which of those I like better. They all have their pluses and minuses. :P

The pictures are plushies of TarePanda and mini Tarepanda. ^^;

Are they not the cutest plushies you’ve ever seen? XD  Too bad they’re so expensive. I found them on eBay, but there also appears to be a store called ShopKawaii that sells them too. The ones on eBay were from Hong Kong and a LOT cheaper (even with the shipping!) but… I dunno. :x There’s always a bit of risk buying out of country. That, and I’d like to support the businesses that are in the country so they don’t go out of business, y’know? ^^; But… there’s a savings of almost $20! @_@ Boo.

tarepanda-babyEDIT: OH! Found another store that has TONS of Tarepanda stuff: DreamKitty.com! :O (omg the Tarepanda mug is SO CUTE!)

Anyways, I’m contemplating about the purses. My onigiri one is about 4 years old and is falling apart, sadly. :( I don’t know if I should get a cute-n-practical purse, or just plain cute. ^^; So many decisions! @_@

If only they had Tarepanda purses. Hehe. ^^; I mean I love Chococat, but she’s a cat… inferior to the all-mighty panda-san! XD lol. She’s still cute, but I love pandas better. I’d like to carry a purse with a panda on it. :x But alas… can’t have everything. I have been searching far and wide for cute and functional Tarepanda purses, but I can’t seem to locate any. :(

Any one reading this silly blog care to help me? ^^;