Fruits Basket #23

July 22nd, 2009


I just finished reading the final volume (#23) of the Fruits Basket Manga. Spoilers (with some pictures) abound if you continue reading!

It was a genuinely nice way of ending such a wonderful series. I will forever love this story and its characters. I’m also glad that Momiji got some closure as well since he is my favorite Sohma. :) It’s bittersweet how he ended up in the “unrequited love” situation with Tohru, but with the way that Takaya-sensei wrote her story, it’s good that she ended up with Kyo-kun in the end. :D They make a very cute couple and even at the end they’re all “lovey-dovey” which is just soooo cute! <3


I hope that Momiji will find somebody he’ll love a lot and I know he’ll make a really good boyfriend/husband to that future girl. :) I love how he continued to tease Kyo at the end… calling him a cheater because Kagura ran up and glomped him. He had his cellphone out and took a picture… haha. That look he gave Kyo was priceless. He gives Kyo that threatening glare, then just happily smiles as he is. :D

He is more than obviously jealous of Kyo and has even threatened him to take good care of Tohru, or else he’ll come and snatch her from him… hehe. Too cute coming from the little girly-boy kid that he started out as, y’know? (He so reminds me of a real life kid I know and kinda saw grow up — P.J. — because he turned out to be such a wonderful young man, just like Momiji has! ^^ Right down to the fact that he has a little sister, too!) It’s nice to see Momiji mature like this.

fb23-3I wish that Takaya-sensei would have concluded how his relationship to his blood family would work out, y’know? I mean will he somehow be able to get close to his mother and father again? And then Momo! She knows that he’s her brother, but just can’t place her finger on it for some reason. I’m sure that Takaya-sensei just wanted us to figure it out on our own with our own imagination, but I kinda like closure on this sort of stuff from the author’s point of view best. ^^;

I’m honestly not sure how I felt about Shigure and Akito’s conclusion, though. I mean throughout the series, you never really knew who Shigure truly was inside. He was always a complex sort of character. I just didn’t get this sense of true commitment to Akito, but maybe it’s just because he was always so flighty and never had his feet planted on the ground. You just never know what he’s thinking or what he’s up to. Does he truly love Akito? I’d like to think so, but. At least Akito can finally enjoy her life as a female rather than pretend to be a male figure that’s head of the Sohma clan.

I do like how Yuki finally came out and told Tohru how he truly felt about her… about how in the end, she was more of a mother figure to him than anything. It was too cute! I’m also glad that he found somebody to care for through Machi. :D I think they’re perfect together… haha. Although I wonder how they’ll get by with food since neither of them can cook well? ^^; Oh well, those little details are trivial… haha.

fb23-6Rin pouting in this volume was also cute. I love the scene above where Haru goes over to her and pats her gently on the head while she sulks. XD It was too cute! I think in a way I can relate most with Rin in that it’s hard to just forgive bad traumatic stuff that has occurred in your life and just move on. She can’t get rid of this pain in her chest and let go of it. It’s hard to just let go.

fb23-4Those that can let go make it sound so easy, but those of us who, for whatever reason(s), cannot… it’s easier said than done. It’s really hard to explain. Throughout the series, her bitterness about her life situation and her life in general hit right at home for me. Out of all the characters, I’d like to say I could relate to being more like Tohru because she has such a good, pure heart… but I’m not like that. I’m more like the bitter, heart-broken and torn Rin/Isuzu. The girl who pushes people away… even if they are nice and good to her. The girl who cannot accept the good in the bad… she just wallows in the bad pool of junk. I wish I had a friend like Tohru that could be comforting like that, though. Somebody to depend on like that. If only life was more like a manga story, eh? :)

fb23-5Through the last chapter of the manga, they even place in sections of the previous mangas that each of the characters were touched by Tohru. The flashbacks were well placed, IMHO. I thought it was a good way of putting it all together in the end. Tohru-brand hugs are therapeutic!

With the way they’re remaking stuff like Neon Genesis Evangelion (ugh) and Full Metal Alchemist to follow the manga or create an alternate universe/setting, I wish that they’d consider remaking Fruits Basket into an anime that follows the manga as well. I’m sure it’d be just as popular! It’s a good story, but the manga is 10000x better for obvious reasons. Now that it’s completely finished, I’d love to see this re-done and completed rather than left hanging as it was originally (since the anime was created before Takaya-sensei finished the manga).

Momiji reminiscing about Tohru (flashback)

I’m glad that the Sohma juunishi finally get to live “normal” lives and enjoy being “normal” human beings. Even though it had that magical sort of curse wrapped up into this story, this story has been so true to a lot of people’s real life situations. There are so many characters in this story with ranging emotions and personalities that I think anyone could find somebody to relate to and express themselves with. I’m glad that I have collected the entire series by Tokyopop (even though the screencaps I grabbed aren’t the official translation by Tokyopop, they’re close enough). I think I’m going to sit and re-read the whole thing again since it’s been so long since I started reading this! I mean it’s been since 2001 when I started following this series! First through the anime, then through the Japanese manga (translated), and then by collecting and reading through Tokyopop’s official translations. It’s just one of those warm-fuzzy stories that touches you deep in your heart and clings to you. :)

Fruits_Basket_by_angelskullyIn other semi-related news… this has got to be the CUTEST fanart I’ve seen of Fruits Basket! It’s by “angelskully” … and wow. Incredible! I love the way Tohru’s holding a basket with chibi Sohma’s inside of it! <3 It’s sooooo cute! What a brilliant idea! Momiji’s as adorable as ever! <3 It’s just perfect with how they’re all interacting with each other in the basket… right down to Kisa reaching for Tohru’s sleeve tassles… haha! ^.^