New Pandapple layout!

August 1st, 2009

080109_dilectiolayoutI decided to nix my TarePanda theme and decided to play with Pandapple since the new layout I picked had a similar color scheme! ^_^

The new theme, called “Dilectio” by Design Disease, is really cute! I love how cheerful, yet elegant it appears! This layout isn’t as broken as my old layout. :P My poor husband had to hack it up so much just to get it to work properly… and even after the fact, it was still severely broken. I just found a very poorly coded theme, I guess. :\

This new theme is much more cuter and I think it was coded more properly! ^^; I’m much more satisfied with it, anyways. I was going to re-use my TarePanda for the layout, but I felt that Pandapple was much more fitting for this theme. ^_^ Any opinions or thoughts would be muchly appreciated!

For those that don’t know, Pandapple is one of Sanrio‘s huge lineup of cute characters, Hello Kitty being the most famous.

EDIT: I just found, edited and added more images of Pandapple! ^_^ I originally just had the big version of him on the right corner when I posted this (as noted on the screenshot up above.) Here’s a preview of the new layout if you wish to compare: