Restaurant City: New outdoor decor

August 7th, 2009

RC-burger-topRestaurant City (a Facebook application) just recently added new outdoor decor! I’m totally loving the new stuff! Too bad I can’t really use them all if I want to maintain my theme. :P The game has been acting up the past couple days and being sluggish; I was beginning to wonder why, but I guess it was because they were adding all of this new decor! ^^; Some of the stuff is awesome and the rest is just too silly! I mean take the new Burger roof to the left… heh.

It’s just… lol. That’s just a screenshot that I took while holding it in place. This isn’t actually my restaurant’s roof. I just can’t get over how goofy it looks! Another new roof they added a couple weeks ago was the mushroom top, which would be so funny to make a Smurf’s theme.

RC-robotpizzaMy favorite of the new things is the baby chick that hops around. It’s the little yellow guy by my lamp post on the right. <3 I love him!

They added a lot of other weird stuff like the robot holding onto a pizza. ^^; Not something that’d fit with mine, but for some reason, I thought it would so fit with my friend Lingo’s taste. lol! He’s the little black guy near the lamp post and yellow baby chick. Too freaking funny! :D

I added the ramen bowl (since that is my main dish) just to appear more like another Asian Fusion restaurant. ^^; My restaurant, naturally named “Pandalin Express”, just hit level 19 and continues to grow! At least I hope so. Reading the official forums, a lot of people like adding temporary friends just to get more ingredients and trade. I think I’m too chicken to do that. I just don’t like the idea of adding strangers to my profile. I know there are ways of protecting your privacy by excluding info, but still… just too weird for me. It’d make things a lot easier to level and get more ingredients to play with, but meh. I’ve gotten this far without cheating… may as well keep it up! My dishes may be low level but oh well. :P

RC-pandalinexpress-insideI’m still updating my Food Quiz list whenever I come across a new quiz/answer! ^_^ So if you come across one that isn’t listed (and I’m sure there are TONS I’m missing since they keep adding new ones! @_@), please do let me know! :D I find them very interesting! This game isn’t just a game, but rather educational! :D