5th Baby Panda!

August 12th, 2009

080509_baiyun5birthThe 5th baby panda was born at the San Diego Zoo on August 5th, 2009! ^_^ Nobody knows what its gender is as of now. This is Bai Yun and Gao Gao’s 4th baby, but Bai Yun’s 5th baby (the first baby, Hua Mei on August 21, 1999, had a different father, Shi Shi… who passed away last year). Thanks to my friend Lingo, she told me about the new baby just recently. :D

081009_5babypandaThis new baby appears healthy and can be seen on the Pandacam located at the zoo. I remember watching this cam religiously back when Mei Sheng was born in 2003. I used to watch it at work and every moment I was able to back when I lived in San Diego. I even had the chance to actually see Mei Sheng at the zoo when we went to visit the zoo back in 2004! I think when we head back down to So. Cal. for Christmas, we’ll make a stop at the zoo so we can see this new baby. ^_^

Here is the order of babies Bai Yun has given birth to at the San Diego Zoo:

  • Hua Mei (Female – meaning “USA/China”) – born August 21, 1999 (Father: Shi Shi)
  • Mei Sheng (Male – meaning “Born in the USA” or “Beautiful Life”) – born August 19, 2003 (Father: Gao Gao)
  • Su Lin (Female – meaning “A little bit of something very cute”) – born August 2, 2005 (Father: Gao Gao)
  • Zhen Zhen (Female – meaning “Precious”) – born August 3, 2007 (Father: Gao Gao)
  • [New baby] (Unknown) – born August 5, 2009 (Father: Gao Gao)

Wow, just read something interesting about Hua Mei (Bai Yun’s first baby)… she’s had THREE sets of twins! o_O Amazing!

Here are some videos of the latest baby panda:

Too freakin adorable! <3 Pandas are so cute when they’re born! It’s hard to think of them as the big rotund panda when you see them as newborns, eh? They’re about the size of a stick of butter! The noises they make are so darn cute as well! XD