Wallpapers for iPhones!

August 21st, 2009

yoshizuki2Since my husband and I just recently bought an iPhone, I’ve been in search of some good wallpapers to put on it. I didn’t have too much luck finding many good ones (most were terribly cropped or squished or extremely too racy for my tastes :P) so I started hacking apart a few of my current anime/manga wallpapers/scans. They didn’t turn out too bad! :) Here are some of the ones I’ve created that look pretty good on the iPhone (including the one on the left, which is my personal fav):


As you can tell, I prefer night time scenery and darker colors as a wallpaper… mostly because if it’s dark around me, it’s not as glaring when you switch it on. @_@ There aren’t many available right now, but I’ll get around to making more later. :) If you have any particular requests, feel free to link the original image and I’ll work on it! :D

Anyways, if you like the above pics, feel free to use them! The only credit I take is the crop job… all other work is by their respected owners. :) All wallpapers and scans were originally from Animepaper.net. :)

Next experiment will be custom ring tones… bwahaha. XD