FFIV The After Years: Yang’s Tale

August 29th, 2009


Yang’s Tale: The Master of Fabul

This is kind of out of order, but my husband and I decided to tackle Yang’s Tale next. In order, that should have come before Edge and Palom‘s Tales, but oh well. It’s not like the game itself followed its original order; it combined Ceodore, Kain’s and the Prologue into the Prologue Tale. :P If you take a look at the actual sequence, Kain’s story is actually after Edward’s Tale… which we haven’t even downloaded yet!

Anyways, Yang’s Tale was actually rather long… much longer than expected, as well as longer than the other Tales. The other tales had you tackling about two dungeons each; this one had three different areas.

At the beginning, Yang is training his monks in Fabul when an emergency meeting is called. It’s about how Cecil and Baron has gone awry, but Yang dismisses the thought because he personally knows Cecil could never do this! Ursula, Yang’s daughter, wishes to help in any way possible… but Yang shoots her down because she’s the crown princess. She grumbles under her breath and runs off. We eventually find out that she’s gone to Mt. Hobbs on her own! Yang is hot on her trail with two of his trusted monks (Monk A and Monk B! — aka Monk Good and Monk Fail! :P) and is actually quite surprised at how far she’s able to proceed on her own.

He ends up catching up to her when she’s surrounded by a bunch of monsters. She kicks and punches them out of the way, yelling at her father to stay out of her way until she comes across Mom Bomb. Yang yells out that Mom Bomb isn’t an ordinary mob and jumps in to assist his daughter along with Monk A and Monk B. After the fight is over and they proceed further into Mt. Hobbs, finding out that Ursula’s intention was to investigate the crater that the falling star left behind. After they climb back down the other side of Mt. Hobbs, they climb down the crater (and naturally gather a few treasure upgrades along the way!). After they reach the bottom, they find a grave plaque saying something about the Monks of Fabul resting there. I’m guessing this is where Gekkou (of Eblan/Edge’s Tale) buried the monks that had died during his Fabul investigation earlier on (but since we did this out of order, that makes more sense than completing this in order <.<).

After_YangAfter climbing out of the crater and then trekking back through Mt. Hobbs (oof!), they notice a fleet of Baron Red Wings flying overhead towards Fabul! They pick up the pace (well, as fast as we could since the random encounter rate was so old-school and super annoying!) and end up back in Fabul (of all places, why didn’t they have a Chocobo forest near Mt. Hobbs/Fabul? :P). The fleet of Red Wings charge in and we end up fighting them, but we’re pushed back into Fabul’s throne room. At the end, we find out that none other than Kain was leading the fleet! Yang is naturally distraught about how the past has come to repeat itself and even though Kain’s nearly defeated by Yang and Ursula, he just jumps over them and snatches their Wind Crystal, then escapes.

After the fight, Yang decides that he’s going to personally pay Baron a visit. Ursula wishes to come along, but Yang declines. After much prodding from Sheila (his wife and Ursula’s mother — wow, they gave her a name!), she ends up being able to tag along. Naturally, Monk A and Monk B return to help… but we also get Mr. Monk C as well this time! :O Boy ‘o boy… aren’t we lucky? :P

Along the way, they cross paths with a Damycan boat carrying none other than our favorite spoony bard, Edward! After a yelling match between Yang and Edward, the boat that is carrying Yang and co. comes to a slow halt. Come to find out that the sea monster battle earlier kind of banged up the ship a bit and they’re running low on fuel (fuel?! What’s with the sails then? :P)… so they use up what’s left and land on the closes piece of land, which just so happens to be uncharted. They decide to search for some palm oil to fuel the boat. Yang volunteers himself and he goes to solo the spooky forest alone. Night falls and he’s still gone. Ursula’s getting restless and more worried… so she runs off into the forest in search of her papa. Naturally, Monk A, B and C make chase after the little princess.

UrsulaSo begins the trek through the maze-like forest. There are several neat flashbacks that occur during this excursion, focusing on Yang and the time when Ursula was about to be born, watching her continue to become a stronger monk. You end up switching back and forth controlling Ursula & co., then to Yang… all while fighting the same types of monsters (ugh, Yang solo’ing wasn’t too bad since he can kick royal ass, but Ursula’s party with the 3 useless monks was a bit more rough!) After running around with our heads chopped off, we finally made it to the palms. Just as we’re about to gather some, a big nasty turtle attacks us! It’s strong against all of Ursula and the (useless) Monk’s attacks… but then Yang comes in to save the day! He gives them a brief lecture about learning to focus on its weak point and because of that, Ursula taps into a hidden/new skill called “Tenketsu” which then leads to learning the band with her father called “Five Star Crimson Palm.”

Here’s a cool video showing part of Yang’s Tale:

After they defeat the overgrown turtle, they make the semi-long trek back out of the forest and back onto the boat. Yang approves of his daughter’s willingness to aid her comrades and finally decides that she has surpassed just strength alone; that her will to protect her friends is what he needed to witness to see that she was ready. She can no longer call him father, but rather “Master”, which she happily obliges. Ursula’s dream to become one of her father’s students has finally come to pass! When they arrive on the boat, they hand over the palm oil to the captain and then sail back onto their original course. Just when things were looking good… they end up directly in front of a whirlpool! The chapter ends there as a cliffhanger… dun dun dun!

YangPortraitFF4TAY UrsulaPortrait MonkPortraitFF4TAY

This chapter was really fun, but rather long! I was shocked at how much they made you trek through in this chapter. I loved the father-daughter bonding that happened. That was really touching. :) I mean it wasn’t very deep and meaningful or anything, but just the fact that it touched on the whole father-daughter relationship really touched me. In a game like this, you take what you can get, eh? :P This wasn’t my most favorite chapter, but it was well done and I liked the growth displayed in it! It would have been neater if they could have given Monk A, B and C real names, but oh well. Can’t have everything! :P

After_Yang_Sprite Ursula_Sprite MonkFF4TAYBattle

The next Tale that we will be working on will be Porom’s Tale! <3