FFIV The After Years: Porom’s Tale

August 31st, 2009

chapter_img05Porom’s Tale: The Vanished Lunar Whale

The next chapter we downloaded off of the Wiiware was Porom’s Tale. This story focuses back on the cute little twins, but as they grow up. It’s cute how they start out as little kids and their sprites even reflect that. What was interesting was how much it actually focused on her brother Palom over her. I mean in his story, it seemed more focused on Leonora, but this one showed what he was really focused on, which was becoming a sage.

The story starts out as a flashback with Porom waiting for the Elder to give them their next magic lessons. Palom’s missing, again, and Porom runs off to locate him. He’s by the pond showing off to the little girl (who was actually Leonora according to his chapter.) After dragging him back to the Elder’s chambers, Palom causes a minor fuss and storms back out again. This time, the Elder finds him and Palom reveals that he would like to become a sage just like old Tellah. The Elder approves, but says that the training may be rather difficult for him. Palom doesn’t care; he’s that sure of himself!

YoungPoromPortraitFF4TAY YoungPalomPortraitFF4TAY

Fast forward a little bit (but they’re still in their younger years/sprites) and they’re both sent to Kaipo, home of Tellah. After walking about town and visiting Tellah and Anna’s graves, they set foot towards the Underground Waterway. Palom was able to blow them away pretty quickly. They sense something really strong up ahead and Palom pushes forward even though Porom is a bit concerned. After defeating the octopus boss thing (hehe I forgot its name, sorry :P), Porom seems to realize how strong her brother is getting.

After_PoromFast forward again to another flashback, but this time, Porom and Palom are adults (Porom with pink hair no less! Palom retained his brown hair). Palom has wishes to visit Rydia in order to learn more about summoning, so they decide to pay a visit to Mist. As Cid lands, Porom comments how her brother is nowhere in view and ends up boarding Cid’s airship, the Falcon, on her own. Once they’re in the air, Palom appears and shocks the daylights out of his sister! Palom states how he had already traveled to Baron through the Devil’s Road, even though it’s supposedly closed up.

They finally reach Mist thanks to Cid and meet up with Rydia. Their reunion is rather cute since Rydia didn’t actually recognize them at first. I believe that Rydia is technically only 2 years older than the twins (she was 7 in the original game, and the twins were 5, right?), but due to her time with the Eidolons, her body aged much faster. Porom and Rydia are catching up with each other while Palom remains a bit silent. Then he finally butts in and says that they should be leaving to Feymarch. Porom scolds her brother for being so rude, but he doesn’t apologize or back off. He’s only interested in becoming a sage, afterall. :P They leave Mist and head towards the mountain that goes into the Underworld. Along the way, Rydia mentions how she’d like to visit the Dwarves, so they end up making a pit stop at King Giott’s castle. They end up chatting a bit with King Giott and then Luca appears! After a bit of interesting banter (and Luca blushing because she has a huge crush on Palom XD), Luca ends up joining the group to head towards Feymarch. She doesn’t actually join the party, so it’s still just Porom, Palom and Rydia.

After_PalomThey travel through the cave towards Feymarch and at the end, Rydia apologizes and says that only she will be able to enter. She doesn’t want Porom or Palom effected by the time mechanisms of the area. Palom objects and doesn’t care about all of that; he just wants to enter. Rydia continues to refuse his request. She disappears for only a couple seconds and re-appears, apologizing for taking so long. That was rather confusing. So I ended up teleporting out of the cave because the monsters inside are rather nasty for just 3 casters (that, and Rydia and Palom cannot gain anymore levels; Palom stopped at 20, Rydia at 22).

Returning to present time, Porom is lamenting up in the prayer dias in Mysidia about not being sent to Troia along with her brother Palom. She senses that he has arrived safely in Troia and just sulks. The Elder sent him alone for other reasons. Porom discusses with him how she’d like to go on a journey by herself, to discover her latent powers and possibly catch up with her brother who she feels has surpassed him. Suddenly, the Lunar Whale rises out of the waters near Mysidia and flies up towards the moon in the sky! This event led the Elder to believe that they need more help. Out of convenience, he remembers that there’s a certain emo dragoon hanging out on Mt. Ordeals. <_< The funny part here is seeing little Tsukinowa from Edge’s Tale pop into the room just like back when you were playing as him! :) Porom volunteers herself to trek up the mountain to retrieve him. The Elder then sends another white mage and a black mage to accompany her.

After_RydiaAt Kluya’s tomb, they’re suddenly transferred into the room where Cecil became a paladin… but it’s smashed to pieces! Kluya speaks to Porom and mentions how he is fading, but his sons are in need of help once again. They are suddenly shot back outside and as they were leaving, they get ambushed by a ton of mobs. When all hope seemed to be lost, Kain leaps in and saves the day! Kain doesn’t seem to recognize any of them and is acting quite funny, but decides to join their party anyways.

After they return back to Mysidia, they notice that it’s under attack by mobs from the Devil’s Road! They fight their way towards the Elder who is seriously injured, but managed to save him. Kain wanders off alone to the Crystal room mumbling about how he must travel to Baron and that it’s his problem since he’s from Baron while Porom and the others chat with the Elder. They discuss how Baron must be overrun with these same monsters if they are. Porom then heads outside, only to meet up with the Mysterious Girl. The Elder comes out and tries to help Porom fight her, but the Mysterious Girl summons Ramuh and right before he’s about to cast his magic, the Elder teleports Porom away from danger. The Elder gets zapped and is even more injured.

648px-After_KainKain re-appears and they think they’re saved, but he has Mysidia’s crystal in his hand and offers it to the Mysterious Girl. He states that the only way he’ll hand it over is if he can have an audience with Cecil. The Mysterious Girl questions his motive, but he says that he only intends on killing Cecil. The Mysterious Girl agrees with his proposition and flees. Kain leaps away, leaving Porom and everyone in Mysidia to their own devices. Porom yells out Palom’s name and the chapter ends there.

PoromPortraitFF4TAY PalomPortraitFF4TAY RydiaFF4TAYPortrait

All in all, I was hoping for something more/better with this chapter. I have taken a huge liking to Porom just because I think I can somewhat relate to her insecurities. Even though they’re siblings, she feels that her brother has surpassed her in every sense, so she becomes even more reclusive and withdrawn. They didn’t go too deep with that sort of emotion here, but that is what I gathered with the little bits and pieces of story we’re given. It’s kind of hard to gauge emotion with 16-bit sprites, lol. :P Anyways, cliffhanger endings suck… but oh well. I’m sure this will conclude in the “Gathering” chapter due out on 09-09-09, lol. :)

Next up will probably be Edward’s and the Lunarian’s Tale. Probably after our credit card cycle passes since we’re out of WiiPoints again. :P

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