Just ranting…

September 14th, 2009

It really boggles my mind how some players can be in a game. I don’t understand why it’s so damn hard for people to grasp the nature of sharing and helping other people out without griping about it afterward. It’s really a shame how majority of people who play games act, yet you have to group with these people in order to get some stuff done.

I signed up on a raid to bring my new guild into BWL, one of the old “Classic” level 60 dungeons in World of Warcraft. Sure, I technically screwed myself over by not speaking to Vael for the quest, but I was trying to help out the raid by leading it. When you lead a raid, there’s a gagillion and one things flying through your head; I had a lot of other stuff on my mind.

Now in retrospect, it would have been a bit nice if somebody who knew about the quest and was also on it would have poked me and told me about it. But I guess either that person didn’t realize I didn’t get to it, or in a worse case scenario, just didn’t want any competition for the item at the end. I’m hoping it’s NOT the latter but I don’t know how people tick. In the end, it’s really my fault for missing out on it. I was too occupied with watching and guiding people on what to expect, and also distributing loot. I just had a lot of stuff going through my mind that it wasn’t at the fore thought of my mind. I keep missing out on this due to my stupidity, I guess.

It’s just loot, though. I know. Just get over it.

People just don’t seem to realize how many times you’ve been to a place. They assume you’re some newb and that they know more than you do simply because I guess they read up on the strats? Yeah. Reading and actually applying them are two totally different things, especially with the older dungeons. To top it all off, this idiot is usually always dead and seriously needs to L2P. I wanted to stab said individual. Then he pushes the “rez plz” button and makes me just want to leave the raid. He’s whispering to my husband’s toon MULTIPLE TIMES and literally begs him to pass all of a certain (old) gear to him. My husband wasn’t going to roll anyways, but geez. He walked out with so much crap that it wasn’t even funny. He just kept winning stuff. I’m glad that the person who didn’t get much of anything won the quest reward drop on the final boss, though.

All I got out of that run was a headache and a 30g repair bill.

I don’t mind running “old school” instances and helping out people who have never experienced places like that before, but not when they’re ungrateful greedy bastards. It’s not like I’m asking to be praised or whatever either. I just wish certain people would like to help one another out more and help them out rather than expect everything to fall into their lap. Four years of playing this game and being screwed over makes everything just less enjoyable in the end.

I just hate this “me me me” mentality. I also don’t understand why the idiots who are all talk and no play are able to make out with so much crap and the people who put more effort into it … get a huge repair bill. That’s the second old school dungeon I’ve gone on since returning to WoW that I’ve gotten absolutely NOTHING from. Absolutely nothing but repair bills. Does anyone else care? No. Because it’s not them. It’s all about the “me.”

Maybe it was just a bad idea to not only return to the game, but to give myself out as some free charity healer. I don’t mind helping people… I actually love doing it, but not when you’re treated like shit on the bottom of their shoe. Why do I even bother? I really wish I knew. I just wanted to have fun again and it’s just not happening. What is my problem? I just get so extremely irritable when I meet with greedy people who only care about themselves. Sure, I was hoping for something to drop to complete a set of gear I never got around to, but that’s besides the point. It’s just frustrating in general to be a part of greedy people, period. People who just don’t care that you’re an actual person on the other side of the game. I don’t think they even realize how selfish they are.

Arg, I need to sleep this off.