Imagery and Sounds

March 23rd, 2010

Since we decided to take a break from WoW and try re-playing LotRO, I just realized why I can’t really handle playing LotRO: the realism factor. Sure, it can be very pretty and appealing, but for somebody like me who has yet to get over her fear of death and anything to do with death, it’s a bit unnerving.

In WoW, the undead look comical; fake. They look silly and ridiculous… or just completely unrealistic! In LotRO, they can look extremely realistic. *shudder* We ventured into the Greater Barrow Downs the other night and I was whimpering the whole way through. It’s VERY dark and creepy! Nothing in WoW holds a candle to what this game can do as far as fear factor goes. I don’t think I even have to mention the “dread” effect, too. Your screen dims out a bit, a big Sauron Eye appears where your map normally is, and it does this creepy BLINKING heart-thumping effect! It’s just ultra creepy! I think I like WoW’s not-so-realistic-and-funny-looking enemies over the ones in LotRO.

What stinks is that we have to complete these book chapters in LotRO to advance further in the story half of the game, and we’re on Chapter Two: The Red Maid. She’s this super creepy lady who was once good, but all the blood that was spilled from the wars contaminated her waters (or something) which thenm corrupted/contaminated her. The Lord of the Rings guru’s would understand this more. Where that’s a really sad story… it’s a really creepy area that you have to fight her in. Everything is RED, and not a pleasant happy red. It’s really bloody and there’s a LOT of undead skelly’s and zombies floating around ready to charge at you. T_T

To make matters “worse” … the sounds in LotRO are very dramatic. Nothing like WoW. I love the music from both games, but in LotRO, not while I’m playing and in the heat of battle. <_< It just ADDS more to the creepy factor! Many times I have to turn off my speakers or I’ll just want to exit the game. T_T My husband listens to the game through his headset and it irritates me that sometimes he has it so loud he can’t even hear me, and I’m sitting right next to him! D: *sigh* But yeah, I don’t know how people can handle listening to these types of things. D:

I’m not sure if we’ll continue playing LotRO now that I’ve re-remembered why I couldn’t handle it 2 years ago. I totally forgot how realistic the imagery and sounds were. I’m a bonafide wuss, I know. :P Sorry. T_T Yes, I’m fully aware it’s all fake because there is no such thing as the undead or walking dead or anything like that, but I’ve been scared of Halloween for as long as I can remember for a reason! I just can’t get over my fear of death. It’s been a bane for me for as long as I can remember. I cannot stand looking at skeletons or anything death-related. I know it’s also inside of me and I’m walking around as one, but I can’t see it! That’s the key there. Skin is covering it. :P

Blarg, I feel like such a disappointment… a let down… especially to my husband who enjoys these games. If only WoW wasn’t full of the assholes and chumps, I’d be happy to stick with that game. Too bad the “end-game” content doesn’t leave much for you to do outside of raiding every week, seeing and dealing with the same crap every week. *sigh* I wish I could be an “alt-aholic” like some of my friends, but I can’t get myself to do the same quests that I’ve already done. I went back with my main and did them all for achievements/rep, that’s why. :\ And I have 2x 80’s, 1x 70 horde-side… that’s good enough for me. :P I’m leveling up a hunter in LotRO and already the leveling process is grating at my nerves! It doesn’t matter what game it is, I hate leveling up more than once or twice!  ヽ(`0´)ノ