Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

July 1st, 2010

The first series to debut for the Summer ’10 season (as far as I have noticed, anyways) is Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi (Ookami-san and Seven Companions)! Based on the first episode alone, it started out to be a rather funny romantic comedy! ^_^

During the first episode, the amusing narrator introduces to us the two main heroines: Ookami Ryouko and Akai Ringo. Their names play off of the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” (Ookami = wolf, which is Ryouko’s last name; Akai = Red and Ringo = Apple, kinda playing off of Little Red Riding Hood since she’s short and wears a hooded cloak). Ryouko’s character design seems to resemble a cross between Horo from Spice and Wolf and Taiga from Toradora! :P The best part of Ryouko are her two neko gloves that she uses to fight with. They leave an imprint of a silly kitty-esque face on her opponent. The newest recruit to the club is Morino Ryoushi, a boy who is scopophobic. Since he grew up in the secluded mountains, he isn’t used to being around a lot of people who stare at him. His hairstyle choice even reflects his personality, hiding either one or both of his eyes under his long shaggy bangs. He’s very good at stalking, however. As long as he isn’t seen, he can attack from the shadows, sort of speaking. His choice of “weapon” seems to be rocks.

The anime itself seems to be about a school club who take on requests to help people in need/trouble at their school. They basically solve whatever issues the requester needs to have done. The first episode starts out with a perverted culprit who was stalking a girl. The second (and part of the main part of the first episode) was to save a girl’s sempai from quitting the tennis club due to his injury. She felt that he would regret quitting so she asks this club to prevent him from doing so. After some failed attempts at preventing him to get his form to quit filled out, they finally caught up with him and the sempai was accidentally kicked in the face by the requester. It only caused him to fall more in love with her, however. ^^; They took on a Cinderella-like story with that one.

The seiyuu that I could recognize so far is Horie Yui. She plays as Kiriki Alice (probably a play-on of Alice in Wonderland? Not confirmed yet.) Another favorite seiyuu of mine that has yet to have her character show up yet is Kugimiya Rie. I wonder if her character will be another classic tsundere? :P Either way, they’re both talented and veteran seiyuu! ^^; There are many more “A”-list seiyuu featured in this show but those are the two that I easily recognize without any effort.

Anyways, I am hoping that this will turn out to be a good series! It has started out to be really strong and funny! I’m looking forward to more! If you wish to watch it, you can find the stream at gogoanime.com, or check out Mazui fansubs website to download the torrent file of their translation.