February 17th, 2013

What is the deal with some people? Why do they feel they’re so great that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, even when it doesn’t belong to them?

For a while, I thought this only plagued the online universe with “trolls” since the anonymity of the internet is a safe haven to hide away in… but no! Boy am I wrong.

photoI live in a really small neighborhood with a very narrow street. The builder was instructed to mark the east side of our street as a fire lane, but failed in doing so since it would probably hurt his sales. According to city planning, he was contracted to mark the street. Well, said builder went bankrupt and lost the ability to do anything to this street. For years, we’ve tolerated the idiots who like to park in spaces that are WAY too small for their vehicles and block certain driveways (not just ours). Several months ago (I believe in October 2012), we kindly started placing notes on their vehicles ASKING them to PLEASE stop blocking our drive way. They just crumpled up the notes and threw them back into our yard, ignoring them and continued to park there. When we finally went up to them in person to kindly ask to please stop parking their large vehicles in a spot that can barely fit a SMART car, let alone a beat-up red station wagon and a green truck (FYI, the “wings” on a driveway is still part of the driveway and legally should NOT be blocked as it is in the picture to the right — on a city road, you can get towed/ticketed for blocking the wings)! The neighbor who owns the red station wagon in turn cussed at us, rudely “f-bombing” us several times… stating how this is a “free country” and he can do whatever the “F” he wants.


737713_461416343920339_1439417390_oRight. I see how it is. He was yelling so loud and being so hostile towards me that all I could do was walk away and try to stifle my tears. I don’t take well to verbal abuse, so it’s hard to contain myself. I didn’t respond back; feeding the self-entitled neighbor-troll is not worth the calories or the effort.

My husband was a bit miffed by their reaction, so he immediately contacted the city. We were directed to the city planning department, which is when we were informed by a very nice lady (which is a RARE breed for government employees, lemme tell ya!) about how one side of our street SHOULD HAVE been signed/marked as a FIRE LANE. If a street is less than 24′ feet across, only one side is permitted to be parked on in the area I live in. Oh really? Ok, so what next? Can they do anything about it? Unfortunately not.

Come to find out, we live on a PRIVATE street (marked by a blue-colored street sign). Siiiigh. Seriously? We live in the city and pay the city property taxes… ok, what gives? Anyway, as much as the lady wanted to help us, she couldn’t. She did suggest that we contact the fire department to see if they can do anything. Same reason applied with them — we live on a “private” street. *sigh* But because we live on a private street, we don’t need the city approval to put up our own signs. Yay, I guess. More expenses under our hat. We legally own everything around our property lines up to the middle of the street! Upon further research, I found out that I can even tow the cars parking there blocking our drive way if need be! *gasp!* But that has its own ugly/messy repercussions and would beget more hostility from said troll-neighbors, so I thought I’d be nice and continue the passive approach to this ordeal.

738133_461416333920340_1785687478_oWe finally had the No Parking signs created and placed it up some time in December 2012. Merry Christmas to the neighborhood! :P Well, that ‘gift’ was short-lived. On New Years Day, we came home from ringing in the new year to a bent pole. And not just slightly bent… it was almost parallel with the ground at the base of it. Somebody had their fun with our sign and took out their immature frustrations on somebody’s property. Really?! Happy New Year to you too, asshat. Who lives on this street? A bunch of thugs? Elementary school bullies, more like it. Sheesh, it feels like we’re dealing with children, but I believe the “gentlemen” in question are older than us (30’s-40’s?). Either way, another nice neighbor came by and re-bent it back up. It was fine… until last week when it disappeared!!!! It was completely uprooted and disposed of. Poof– gone. No traces of where it went, but my guess is that it’s in some dumpster since that’s the only type of container that could hold an entire sign.

People have come to vandalize other people’s properties… for what? Self entitled gratification? Seriously? Why do the stupid people do this and get away with it? I’m only trying to HELP the neighborhood due to our very narrow street. A normal compact car has issues getting through when there are cars parked on both sides! Just think of a huge clunky FIRE TRUCK! They require 20+ feet of clearance to pass through safely! If there was a fire on this street, we’re screwed… lemme tell ya. Our houses were built very close together, just like most new homes are these days. Property and lives would probably be lost. But do those neighbors care? OF COURSE NOT! Because it hasn’t happened yet.

We’ve had a few scares last year, such as a neighbor falling 2 stories from a ladder as he was attempting to clean his highest gutters. He broke a few bones. And another neighbor had some sort of health issue requiring an ambulance. They had a difficult time slipping onto the street. EVERY SECOND COUNTS when it’s an emergency! If they’re delayed by cars blocking the path, who’s fault is that? Could you live with yourself knowing that your car was the result of a death?

It’s not like we stuck the sign on THEIR yard. We placed it on OUR yard. Well, technically, it was our neighbor’s yard that agreed to do it since we have our utility lines running by where I’d like to put the sign. We couldn’t push a pole down there due to a possibility of puncturing a gas line. <_< That’d be bad… very bad. :(

480890_486828518045788_1590248091_nLast week, after the sign’s disappearance, people started to park on that side again. Just because the sign was uprooted doesn’t mean that the fire lane also disappeared. C’mon people, this is for ALL of our safety! Another neighbor (not sure who) placed a “please don’t park here” note on one of their cars. Guess who got the blame? Yep… us. We didn’t write the sign, nor did we put it there. But they decided to tape up a “response” on the original sign in a black sharpie marker right on our front door. I was pulling out of my driveway on my way to work when I noticed the sign. It said (in caps): “WE DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS“. Um… what? o_O =_=; Racist much?

The neighbors who are collaborating together with us and on the same side as we are (which is FOR THE SAFETY OF THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD!) have agreed to pick a future date to paint the curb red. That’s kinda harder to vandalize and uproot than a sign. Hopefully they’ll listen to red paint, and if not… well, the “message” will be loud and clear, and they will be towed if they decide to dump their cars there in the future. :P