Third-Party Vendors

March 26th, 2013

I just recently acquired (thanks to my husband) for my birthday an adorable new Sanrio plushie~! It’s HUGE! He bought the new “Cinnamoroll Huggable Pillow: Sleep” that I absolutely ADORE! <3 17602-201203.a.zoom

… that is, until I found a defect. I haven’t even owned it for 2 WEEKS when I discovered the fraying. It’s not from being mistreated/mishandled either. The spot (see pic below) that the material is fraying is on its tail. And not connecting to the body as one would think would first come lose from “mistreatment.” I would think it’d come loose around where the tail connects to the base, not in the center of the tail. I don’t even cuddle with that part of the plushie! The most contact it’d have was while I was watching movies or playing video games. It was treated as it is labeled: a PILLOW. More like the decorative pillows you’d place on a couch–kind of pillow, not a pillow you sleep on.

I live in a home that has NO children and NO pets. I also don’t have any local friends to invite over, so it has only been handled by lil ol’ me. :P It’s not abused, and I have a HUGE old collection of plushies that have endured much more (including moving cross country, being snuggled and cuddled MUCH more and MUCH longer, etc) than this guy has in the short 1.5 WEEKS it’s been with me. Why would something like that fall apart so quickly if it is used as intended– a “huggable pillow”?!? Completely baffles me.

Now here comes the absurd part. The 3rd-party vendor (Dragonvine Toys) with whom my husband purchased from (in person, at their location in the local mall) on 3/11/13 (note: my birthday wasn’t until 3/13, so it didn’t come out of its original plastic bag until then; the defect was found on 3/23) refuses to help us. All I want is to REPLACE/EXCHANGE the defective plushie with a new non-defective one! How hard is that for a vendor to report a defective toy to the parent company?! My parents owned a store and I know the basics of how something like that is handled. If a customer purchased a defective item, we’d replace it and then tell the merchant that said item is a defect and have it written off/replaced. There isn’t much of an issue or hassle with that. Ok, so why can’t Dragonvine do this for the toy they sold?

After the first message I sent via Facebook to Dragonvine describing the above issue, they responded with this:

“The Cinnamaroll was in our store for only a week within its original plastic protective bag with nobody touching it before your husband bought it. We do not have another one since it was a one time purchase.”

I responded:

“I understand that, but is there a way to contact Sanrio with a defect?

It makes no sense that this would fall apart so quickly.

Please keep in mind that I am *NOT* placing the blame on you/Dragonvine.

I’m hoping there is a way that Dragonvine, as a VENDOR, has a way to contact Sanrio that I do not in order to report a defective product.

For $60, this is just ridiculous of Sanrio to let pass.”

No response, so I called several hours later only to be told that I was SOL. He told me that “because I hugged it“, it’s MY fault it fell apart. Wowowowowow, REALLY?! Because I HUGGED it. (facepalm)09e1dd1894c911e2914422000a1f98df_7

If that’s the case, then ALL of my HUGE collection of Sanrio plushies would be in complete SHAMBLES all over my house!!!! Then he told me to “sew it up.” I explained that it isn’t possible to sew it up because the material is FRAYING, which is NOT their fault OR mine. It’s a manufacturer defect! I believe the guy I spoke with (Shannon) is the owner/co-owner of Dragonvine. I have been a loyal customer of theirs for YEARS and have purchased TONS of Sanrio and other miscellaneous items from them over the years. I don’t live near an official Sanrio store, and before I found the store, was purchasing from Sanrio’s website, paying tons of extra dollars (that we don’t have) on shipping costs! I thought Dragonvine was the answer to all of my financial woes without breaking my bank account in order to obtain cute Sanrio items! (sigh) Also felt GOOD that I was supporting a LOCAL company and not some huge corporate conglomerate.

I then asked him, “if there is no recourse for a 3rd-party vendor to replace a defective item, then what is the point of purchasing from a 3rd-party vendor?” (NOTE: I did NOT say that I wouldn’t buy from THEM, I implied ALL 3rd-party, UNOFFICIAL Sanrio vendors). He then told me with his dead-pan tone: “We don’t need your business to stay afloat“. I thanked him for his time, since obviously he wasn’t listening to me after repeating my “3rd-party spcheal” THREE times. (That was not what I meant, dumbass. =_=) I then proceeded to look up numbers for Sanrio.

After explaining ALL of this to the Sanrio rep over the phone (including the idiocy of Dragonvine’s “ultra-fine” customer service standards), she referred me to the manufacturer (Nakajima USA) and gave me their customer service number. That’s nice and all, but it’s just pushing me further and further away from resolving this SIXTY DOLLAR DEFECT. All I want is a REPLACEMENT for an item that is falling apart at no fault of my own! I didn’t mistreat it or misuse it! It’s MARKETED AS A PILLOW for crying out loud! Seriously! What else are you supposed to do with a pillow plushie? Let it lay there and look all cute? D: I don’t get it. I own other plushies made by Nakajima that are MANY YEARS old without any issues, so I think it’s just a warehouse defect that CAN occur every so often during MASS PRODUCTION. *gasp* It happens. I don’t hold it against anyone! Yeesh. All I want is a replacement that isn’t defective! ~_~

If we had purchased it DIRECTLY from Sanrio, I’m sure they would have replaced the item, considering it’s been LESS than 2 WEEKS of owning it. I understand why Sanrio is pushing me to the manufacturer, but after I called Nakajima and explained for the THIRD time what has happened, they gathered my information and said they’d get back to me within 24-48 hours. So now I have to sit here on pins and needles wondering if I’m going to be stuck with this adorable, yet DEFECTIVE item, or have it fairly replaced. It’s just not fair because it’s NOT my fault, but it’s being pinned on me as my fault! Our only problem was purchasing the item from a 3rd-party vendor. BIG mistake, apparently!

If a company (i.e: Dragonvine) doesn’t want to take responsibility by simply replacing a defective item that THEY sold to me, then what’s the point of purchasing from 3rd-party vendors?!?! What’s the point of allowing a non-affiliated company to sell your product, defacing your (i.e: Sanrio) name? This was obviously a defective product from the time it was created!!!

LESSON LEARNED: Do NOT purchase items from or support 3rd-party LOCAL “shady” companies that do NOT have a reasonable EXCHANGE method in the chance that there is a Manufacturer defect! (sad panda)

======================================UPDATE 4/6/13: Finally convinced Nakajima to refund the defective plush. It was a lot of back & forth emailing and being brushed off by one of their reps, but my husband called Friday and spoke with another rep. I would have rather had a replacement, but this particular plush is apparently no longer in production. I sent it today via USPS Priority, which should arrive there on 4/8. Hopefully they’ll actually do as they say and send me a refund for the plush. I had to spend about $11.00 on postage+insurance, which sucks, but since the plush is worth $58, it could be worse. In retrospect, I should have sent it First Class, but oh well… the deed has been done. :P