Lagnabot 2~

May 22nd, 2013

RO-poring May 1st brought back memories of my very first MMO ever: Ragnarok Online… except now it’s in 3D and there are quests! :O


My very first shop set up~ Love the poring beanbag! <3

iRO was a grind fest. There weren’t any quests. Just kill, kill, kill. Mindless, endless slaughter of cute enemies. Collecting adorable hats! Dodging the annoyingly endless swarm of bots that roamed every map. And naturally, fighting the biggest common enemy of all: LAG.

Everyone started out as a Novice. You make your way through the starter area, hit job level 10 by slaughtering Porings over and over again, then chose the class in which you wish to build upon. I personally chose an Acolyte since I’ve always enjoyed the healer-type characters in other RPG’s, more notably Rosa from FFIV. I also liked the concept of healing and keeping others alive.


We were in the process of watching Chrno Crusade during that time and for some odd reason, the lil sprite reminded me of Azmaria, so I chose to name my baby aco after her! As an aco, the outfit looked kinda similar to what she wore! After my aco became a Priest, she looked like she was wearing Rosette‘s clothing! ^^; I made a dire mistake with choosing her stats at the beginning (being my first character ever!), so I deleted and remade her. You couldn’t just re-spec or re-do where your stats went unfortunately. I also took her to Acolyte job level 50 before changing jobs (I originally went to 40). Oi vey, I thought it’d NEVER end! You actually only need to level to 40 before advancing to the next job, but if you have the patience to get to 50, your secondary job will be much more powerful. All those days and nights camping out in the center of the Graveyard Cross within Glast Heim, “heal bombing” undead baddies… UGH! (not my screenshot; might replace if I can somehow retrieve my old account!) Any iRO Acolyte vets out there know what I’m talkin’ about. ;) It may actually STILL be the same process, but I haven’t touched the game in nearly 9 years so I have NO clue what’s current anymore!

RO-BongunI do miss portals. In iRO, Acolytes had the ability to make portals. You’d save where you’d want to teleport to and could return at any time. One of my saves was naturally GH GY. People would bug you constantly for free portals and anyone could step into any portal you create. They’d run around yelling “PORT PLZ” and I’d respond with “Priest Love Zeny.” I mean if you break that abbreviation down, it spells “PLZ”, which is one of the abbreviations that bug the crap out of me! Anything with a “z” that doesn’t belong there originally is a huge pet peeve of mine. :P So if somebody came up to me and yelled that, I’d just respond “Yep, Priests Love Zeny!” …lol. <3

(I came across this awesome database full of all the sprites from iRO if you’d like to check out their dementedly cute enemies: )

Another thing I miss: My hat collection! I would love to get back into my account (come one WarpPortal/Gravity! Answer my ticket!) and see what I had collected, but going off of my foggy memory, I had a Poring Hat, Jester Hat, Big Ribbon, Munak Hat, Bongun Hat and a Nurse Hat. I REALLY wanted Angel Wings, but alas… didn’t get. I saw one drop, but it went to somebody else. ; ; A comprehensive hat database can be found here.

My Acolyte's first hat!

My Acolyte’s first hat!


Anyway, to present day: We’ve been playing RO2 for about a week now and so far it’s been rather fun! In many ways, it’s just another “WoW clone”. As you can tell by my screenshots, it’s much more modern than its predecessor. I mean it’s still lacking in many ways, but it’s definitely a fun and cute game to hold me over until FFXIV is released! I need my cute-fix and this is DEFINITELY the place to go for that! The outfits change their look unlike the original game. The only thing that would change back then was your hat. RO2 did, however (unfortunately?), retain its endearingly awful grammar and spelling errors. Engrish, anyone? It’s almost as if they shot everything into Google translate and copy-pasted whatever it said into the dialogue boxes, but that’s giving it too much credit! It’s littered with grammatical and spelling errors! But as I noted, it’s one of Ragnarok’s enduring traits. :P

Victory pose in our Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired temporary costumes!

Victory pose in our Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired temporary costumes!

RO-AngelwingI’ve met some really nice players so far in the guild I’ve joined. I even convinced my best bud to stop playing Runes of Magic and try out RO2. She’s also in the “waiting for FFXIV to be released” boat, so yeah. ^^; One of the first topics that came up randomly in guild chat was how many of them are looking forward to FFXIV! That just made them all the more cooler in my book. ^_^ I hope to be playing FFXIV in the future together with my new RO2 guildies!

And now for the “lulz”… I present to you the last part of the hilarious PARODY fansubs from the equally enduring anime based off of Ragnarok Online:

(In case you don’t get the references, the fansubbers are NOT literally translating the actual dialogue from the episode. They’re making fun of how Yuufa is the most pathetic Acolyte EVER who simply needs to re-roll into a Super Novice (Noob?) instead (since she can’t/doesn’t know how to heal throughout the show!) and how Roan is a horribad Swordman. If you watch the anime, you’d understand. Also, Takius’ character (the mage) actually speaks a very eloquent/poetic form of Japanese, so they MIS-translated her to “speak” like your typical MMO idiot who types in 1337 speak. :P Near the end, they use the word “ks“, which means “kill-stealing.”)