Need You Now (How Many Times)

May 26th, 2013

This song echoes how I’ve been feeling inside. Plumb is amazing.

Tour of Eorzea!

May 25th, 2013

Wow~ This game is looking SO GOOD! Lalafell WHM, here I come! <3

Lagnabot 2~

May 22nd, 2013

RO-poring May 1st brought back memories of my very first MMO ever: Ragnarok Online… except now it’s in 3D and there are quests! :O


My very first shop set up~ Love the poring beanbag! <3

iRO was a grind fest. There weren’t any quests. Just kill, kill, kill. Mindless, endless slaughter of cute enemies. Collecting adorable hats! Dodging the annoyingly endless swarm of bots that roamed every map. And naturally, fighting the biggest common enemy of all: LAG.

Everyone started out as a Novice. You make your way through the starter area, hit job level 10 by slaughtering Porings over and over again, then chose the class in which you wish to build upon. I personally chose an Acolyte since I’ve always enjoyed the healer-type characters in other RPG’s, more notably Rosa from FFIV. I also liked the concept of healing and keeping others alive. Read the rest of this entry »